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Stump Removal and Root Chasing Business

Georgia Stump Removal

Complete stump grinding, root chasing and stump removal services.

Georgia Stump Removal & Grading specializes in stump removal and root chasing. We grind stumps and lawn surface area tree roots with specialized equipment. Our services are done after a tree removal company has cut down your trees and removed the logs. Tree removal companies generally have no equipment for, or interest in removing stumps and roots from your yard. If you want a complete tree removal solution you need to have both the standing trees, stumps and roots cleared from your property. We can make relatively quick work of the stump grinding and leave you with nutrient rich mulch. Get your lawn area ready for expanding turf grass areas, planting new trees or adding flower beds with our:

Georgia Stump Removal
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What We Do

Stump Removal

Stump removal, often referred to as stump grinding, is a critical part of tree removal services.

After you have trees cut down you need to hire a stump grinding business to grind the stumps into a fine mulch. Stump removal improves your yards appearance, prevents certain safety risks, and offers landscaping benefits.

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Root Chasing

Root chasing, or root grinding, is an important but often overlooked step to tree stump grinding.

As part of removing stumps you also need to address tree roots that are above or just below ground level. This promotes the development of a better lawn, prevents common safety and infrastructure damage problems caused by tree roots.

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Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

  • Increases property appeal and value by giving your yard a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Prevents ruining lawn mowers when blades hit stumps or roots, and bend motor shafts.
  • Save lawn maintenance time by ending the need to mow and trim around roots or stumps.
  • Landscape fertilization from nutrient rich mulch feeds plants, flowers and shrubs.
  • Improve aesthetics and safety by removing ugly stumps and roots which are trip hazards.
  • Prevent health risks by eliminating habitat for yellow jackets, roaches, rats or snakes.
  • Create landscaping opportunities including new places for turf grass, flower beds, etc.
  • Stop concrete damage from roots growing under foundations, driveways, sidewalks, etc.
  • Improve lawn drainage to minimize chances of standing water or flooded basements.

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